VRO VRA Notification in Andhra Pradesh

VRO & VRA Notification in Andhra pradesh 2011

The Government of Andhra pradesh,on 11 th november, 2011,changed the rules for vro and vra jobs.The candidates, who looking for vro job,have to pass intermediate and for vra job must have to pass 10 th class.From the past 1 month so many students awaiting for vro and vra notification 2011.At last the government of Andhra pradesh,taken the decision on vro and vra jobs.

The official vro and vra notification will be release in a week i.e before 19 th of this month.On Friday,11 th, November 2011,2 changes made,the first one is for vro post,it’s 10 th class qualification,but this is extended to intermediate and for vra job,7th class qualification extended to 10 th class.By this decision,7 th class candidates,completely leave their hopes on vra job.

Government has taken good decision on qualifications for these posts

It’s bad news for 7 th standard candidates,but it’s a good decision to extended education qualifications for vro and vra jobs.In this situation,government has taken right decision for better services to society.




  1. pardhasaradhi vutukuru :

    please give details of VRA , application forms online, through my mail I D,
    thanking you

  2. that’s a great decision

  3. prabhu kumar D :

    it is good decision for 10 and intermediate students

  4. thaks to cm kiran kumar for this notification

    • Hi
      please information to me vra posts and what is the qulification .
      how to apply the posts i want full deatails please give me replay

  5. am tenth class pass marks 298 am fit this vra job?

  6. what are the duties of vro?

  7. please send me VRO application form after releasing.thanks you

  8. hi i want a find a job

  9. Palaparthi,Koteswararo :

    It Is Good Desisation V.R.O&V.R.A,10th or Intermeadiate Qualification.

  10. mari vizag sangathi emiti anni jillalu ki vudyogalu ichhi visakha jillavallaku teerani anyam chesina kiran kumar reddy gari decision nu khandisthunnanu

  11. Hi plz send me the process how to apply the vro and vra notification when it is released

  12. voleti vema reddy :

    hi sir my name is voleti vema reddy
    Iam completed ITIin 10th(73.33%).
    sir i can eligible in vro post

  13. i think v r o and v r a posts has been appointed in illegal way …….. just they are conducting as a formality

  14. sir VRO jobs lakhs money petti konesukunnaranta kada…..ipudu interview adi pettina evarini select cheyyaranta kada… already E.G.DT 35 posts konesukunnaranta kada….. asalu alantappudu notification enduku veyadam inka…

  15. vro posts selection prakaram avaru vasthe varani tesukondi

  16. sir nenu intermediate vocational group VRO jobki eligible avuthana reply sir

  17. ya its right chala mandi vro and vra posts konesthunaranta then enduku notification.so denivalla chala mandi students suffer avthunaru….

  18. so many students are waiting for VRO notifications,, good opportunity for us,, thanks a lot

  19. thanks for giving the oppertunity for intermediate and 10th………good luck my frnds

  20. awesome matter

  21. srinivas goud nagilla :

    very good decision

    • sir government selecting only interviw base but it is not a good decision because many merit students must lost their talent so i suggest test must be conduct and give real sprit to vro posts

  22. chala manchi question adigarandi pavani garu……..nadi kuda same doubt…

  23. sir
    i got 68% in 10th,and 53%in intermediate am i eligible for vro and vra

  24. Good Sarkar(gov….)

  25. s.gangadha suri :

    sir iam studing now digree 1st year my real date of barth is 19-10-1991 but tenth date of barth is 10-03-1994
    iam in phc @BC-D iam also taking my real date of barth in municepal office so iam elgiblla sir please reply

  26. neku yenduke papa yenta petti konye neku money unte nuvu konuko papa

  27. notification veyakamunde dongalu dongalu kalasi ullupanchukunnattu jobs ni kuda panchukuntunnarani samacharam .appudu e notification enduku .4 to 8 lakhs tesukoni jobs book chestunnaranta. u should not support for this type of activity.

  28. battula srinivas goud :

    good decicion but don,t chit them

  29. Dear Sir, Please send me the final dicision of VRA notification details of marks& age.

  30. Diploma is eligible for VRO ah?? Plez reply

  31. Diploma is eligible for VRO

  32. very happy

  33. I think this notification gets cancelled

  34. Sir i am passed in intemidiate. my age is 20 i eligible for VRO post ?

  35. kattangur nagaraju :

    Lot many people undarstanding i.e vro& vra posts are going on by recomendations & corrptions. my reqest is pls dont do like that.. & gave confidence to the people who ever appling for these jobs.

  36. Please send me the vro application form after the notification declared………

  37. Pls inform me about vro notification after its declaration
    thanks and regards

  38. eee postlo motham lanchalooo untayanta kada sir, please deeni gurunchi koddiga shradda pettandi

  39. Sir maximum ani posts konnaru anta kada enka yenduku sir elanti notification
    syallbus ela echae avakashamu undi antaru sir


  41. Each post 5lakhs anta

  42. when..wil..be..the..vro..xam..sir??plz..give..me..reply..!thanking..you..sir..!

  43. kalyani.vuyyuru :

    It’s a very good opportunity for 10th & Intermediate students.

  44. thanq sir,

  45. very good job

  46. sir vro vra posts luncham ichi konukuntunaru anta kada alantapudu notification ichi malanti vala tho ndhuku adukuntaru………

  47. wher do we get the applications for vro post

  48. how can i apply to this vro vra jobs.

  49. how can i register my name in this VRO VRA recriutment

  50. dhoga lanjja kodukulara andhuku ra malanti yuvakulatho adukuntunaru .jobs vunte notification veyandi lekunteandhuku ra votes kosam ma jeevithalatho adukuntaru ne abbha suuli ga cm kiran ga

  51. soory sir edi enter chesindi nenu kadhu na frnd naik , and anjaneyulu contact


  53. vro jobs konesara, inka pettadam enduku waste kada

    mari cm garu 1.16lakhs jobs annaru. edena

  54. Notification is only for the earning money in politicians

  55. how can i apply to v.r.o jobs on online way

  56. please reply to me immediatly


    is vro notification released or not,if released where they will be available or online application is possible, what is the syllabus for vro post and i have degree if i entered in to this field how many years i have to work to get promotion to next posts PLEASE ANSWER ME


  58. m.sreenivasulu(mpl) :

    vro posts aminapudu selte shetara sir plece selkted job sir

  59. please send to me vro application and rules and regulations.
    thankey sir.

  60. sir,
    good evening iam swathi i have full details for vro & vra jobs .
    please send any details my email id

  61. it is very good decision.thanks to c.m kiran kumar reddy sir.

  62. It is very happy to this notification. best of luck to 10+2 students.thanks to C.M.KIRAN KUMAR REDDY SIR.

  63. Joguparthi upender :

    joguparthi upender s/o venkateswrllu
    pin no:507160

  64. pls ma lanti peda vala jeevitalato adkokandi jobs vere valaki dabulaku ammukoni daya chesi ma talent ni surviniyogam cheskonivakandi bada babulara!

  65. cm garu,
    clear information ivvakunda mammalni ila ibbandi pettadam bagooladhu plz correct notifications with correct information tho tondaraga release chestarani maa abhilasha. Ippatike maa unemployees hearts lo mee name nilichipoye laa 1,00,000 jobs annaru. Plz plz plz take care of youth by cheering up them by providing jobs tnks

  66. IT IS AWESOME,but it is very difiicult,

  67. good evening sir how is online application.

  68. raviraj kavati :

    thanks to governamet of andra pradesh

  69. money changes man into monkey ……!

  70. verry good decision by the government

  71. good decision

  72. It is awesome

  73. googd decision by govt

  74. Munikumar nellore :

    Gudluck my brothers &sisters

  75. its a very good decision

  76. Geetanjali Patro :

    sir ala application veyali

  77. sreenivas gunduboina :

    very good decision

  78. Bethala.srinivasarao :

    The take a good resolution about a qualification changing for vro posts

  79. Hello sir, thank you very much for giving this oppurtunity

  80. it’s really a good gift for unemployees

  81. bhanu chandar :

    very good

  82. thank you for your compliment


  84. Hai sir,

    This is sowjanya, i completed diploma , am i eligible for post of VRO.

  85. swetha manasgal :

    Its very good that it is providing employment to unemployed but give the details that where to get the application forms and to submit them.

  86. sir i had complited mine I.T.I am i elegible for VRO post

  87. no

  88. Please mention the syllabus for both Exam’s so that it is easy to prepare for all …………

  89. m.satish kumar :

    when will be the notification of vro and vra.please urgent i want the date

  90. hi sir some model paper

  91. iam so very happy

  92. chandrasekhar :

    Sir i got 627 marks in inter, can i expect the vro job

  93. Its a right desicion to become a better society……..

  94. siva prasad raju :

    sir can u mention salary .
    how much salary ? and please tell what is pattern sir………..

  95. hey waste of applying. With out giving bribe they wnt consider us.

  96. thanks to ma prithama cm garu

  97. Very thanks to kiran kumar ‘garu.

  98. i completed my schooling in nalgonda dist and other education in hyd,so can i apply in both the places

  99. iam studing B.tech 2 nd yera. can i elisible for vro posts

  100. hi
    This is Prasad .
    I got 91.3%in intermediate.
    i want to know the details about VRO post .
    IN which pattern question papers will have.
    can u give me the full details about that

  101. Vro, vra exams notification is applied one persons for both exams is posible or not

  102. When release notification

  103. s.ramakrishna :


  104. compleat vro details vacancies in dist wise http://gpandhra.blogspot.com/2011/12/vro-vra-notificationjobs-in.html

  105. very good sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  106. it is not correct way of give vro jobs

  107. Rama Krishna G :

    Sis Iam Rama krishna

  108. i am venkat from poor family and cast s kamma from oc . i have 95% in inter then is there any possibility to get job reply to mail

  109. nice job but already ga post lu konesarata kadha sir ala tapudu e notifetion adhuku sir,
    mandal wise ga jobs deatials evaledhu sir ,

  110. Its a good decision

  111. very happy

  112. b.tech students apply cheyocha

  113. antha cheating thappa em ledu, anni postlu money tho thappa mamuluga avvav………….

  114. t krishna kumari :

    i am 35 years old widow. can i get any age relaxation

  115. very happy……………………..

  116. you ae eligible for both vro and vra jobs

  117. k This thing is very good but i am also participate and i have one doubt antha chesinaka emiavtado ani bhayam pudutondi

  118. thank sir your telugu notification. and thanks for N.K.K.reddy garu… also

  119. Amma PAVANI Malli nuvvu pettina comment nuvvu chusthavo ledo naku teliyadu chudu mana vantu prayatnam manam cheyali kada ra evaro edo chepparu ani cheyakunda manesthunnama enti cheppu okay take it light pavani nuvvu kani net ki vachhina leka e vishayam chusina ventane naku mail chey okay na i will tell y sainagendra.m@gmail.com okay na

  120. very happy………………………………

  121. i am very very happy

  122. Prati govt postulaku exam pettadam chala manchipani

  123. T Q,this s a right decision

  124. Please increase oc age relaxation

  125. Sir…. Im a resident of vizag… I heard that there are no vro jobs in vizag… Can i apply for the vro job from any other dist. Or shouldn’t i…

  126. some one told me that vro exam is conducted in one langauge that is in telugu, is that correct?

  127. sir,
    is polytechnic students eligible for vro posts, please tell me

  128. praveen kumar gonela :

    what is the study metirial for VRO exam tell me

  129. wats d last date to apply for vro?

  130. good dessition but increase age relaxation sc st canditates up to 45 years

  131. i am an english medium student . did the vro paper will be in english or not . i want to know

  132. for vro post what is the age relaxation to BC candidates? is there any fee exemption?

  133. avnu ur wright manam kasthpadhe chaduvkuni amount pay chese time waste chesukuni training tesukuni exam attend iythy eme undhadhu asking money andhuke mana india ala undhe genune political member leru undru okavela unna undhanivvaru chuddam entha corect ga placements avthoyo

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