All About TOEFL Modules (Syllabus) and Exam Pattern

TOEFL Syllabus 2015 Pdf Free Download-TOEFL Modules and Exam Pattern:

Though there are large numbers of tests meant for the improvement of English skills but still TOEFL is considered as best among them. This pattern of this test is designed in such a way that one who goes for it got lots of things to learn that can actually help in the improvement of communication skills. It has been said about the TOEFL that its modules play an actual role in making people learn a lot from this test.

TOEFL has two versions and they are internet based test and paper based test. Both of these versions have same modules but that are slightly different from each other.

Modules of internet based test

There are four primary modules of the internet based test and they are:

1. Reading

Commonly in this module one has to read 3 passages one after one. The approximate word limit of these passages is around 700 words. The level of the passages is meant for the undergraduate courses students and thus they can be located easily in the libraries of schools offer undergraduate courses.

2. Writing

This is considered as the most important module of the TOEFL. In this module the candidates first read the given passage and then hears the same through an audio device. They are then asked to write the important points of the passage and explain them in detail. They me sometime be asked to write an essay on what they have heard. This decides their capability of generating ideas.

3. Listening

In this module the candidates listen five to six passages or time limit 5 minutes. They have to answer the questions of test taker which are asked from the same passages. The exam supervisor may make a team of two candidates in this module for the answering of the questions or can ask questions individually. In team both the members have to contribute equally.

Passages are not repeated and thus candidates have to listen them carefully. The test taker can ask up to five questions from one passage.

4. Speaking

There are six primary tasks in this module that all the candidates have to undergo. These tasks are divided into two categories and they are integrated tasks and independent tasks. Basically in this module the English speaking ability of a candidate is judged. In the independent tasks the candidates are given passage and they have to speak them loudly.

On the other hand during integrated tasks the candidates have to find errors when others speak. The responses of the candidates are recorded to know their actual potential.

Modules of paper based test

The modules of paper based TOEFL test are same with the modules of internet based test. The only difference between them is their duration. In paper based test duration of all four modules is longer. The listening module is having a duration that may vary from 30 to 40 minutes. Writing module is having duration of 25 minutes. For reading, candidates are given a time period of 30 minutes and for speaking a time period of 15 minutes is given to them

TOEFL is having four major modules that can help in improvement of skills. It is always better if one go through all four modules of TOEFL before giving this test as they actually help a person in securing better scores.

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