Professional Knowledge Questions For IBPS Specialist Officer

Professional Knowledge Sample Question Papers for IBPS Specialist officer-Test of Professional Knowledge in ibps,newly added section, and most of the candidates don’t know the exact type of questions from professional knowledge section will come.Here you can have the professional knowledge model questions papers with answers for ibps specialist officer exam.When you compare with other section , professional knowledge for 75 marks and the number of questions will be only 50.So candidates have to score in this section,in order to get good we are providing you ibps specialist officer model questions on test of professional knowledge section.Hope you will get minimum idea on type of questions come under professional knowledge.

ibps Specialist officer Professional Knowledge Question paper 

1. One of the following is not included in the 7 P’s of Marketing. Find the same_____________

a. Placement

b. Price

c. Production

d. Promotion

e. Product

2. Analysis of marketing problem helps in ______________

a. Evaluating marketing opportunities

b. Reducing marketing staff

c. Reducing profits

d. Good communication

e. Motivation

3. Innovation is marketing is same as _________________

a. Motivation

b. Perspiration

c. Aspiration

d. Creativity

e. Team work

4.Market Segmentation is required for _________________

a. preferential market

b. OTC Marketing

c. Internal Marketing

d. Identifying sales persons

e. Identifying prospects

5. Bank ATMs are__________________

a. Delivery outlets

b. market plans

c. Personalized Products

d. Tools for overcoming buyers resistance

e. Motivating tools

6. Internet Banking helps in __________________

a. door-to-door canvasing

b. Making more number of cold calls

c. Easy access to customer transections

d. Market Survey

e.Market research

7.Cross-selling means ________________

a. selling by a cross-section of people

b. selling to HNIs

c. selling to a cross-section of people

d.Selling to NRIs

e.Selling other products to existing customers

8.The USP of current account is _______________

a. High minimum balance

b. no restrictions on transactions

c. no internet payable

d. restricted deposits

e. Easy credits

9. The USP of a car loan is_________________

a. High rate of interest

b.Easy EMIs

c.Lump-sum loans

d.Available only to doctors

e. available only to businessmen

10.Leads for home loans can be obtained from______________

a. cooperative societies

b. Existing borrows

c. builders

d. builders

e .Traders

11. Leads for industrial loans can be obtained from______________

a. Reserve bank of India

b. District industrial centers

c. colleges

d. Export houses

e. Trade centers

12. SME Means____________

a. Selling and Marketing Establishment

b. Selling and managing employees

c. Sales and Marketing entity

d. small and medium enterprises

e.small and micro entities

13.The target group for SME Loan is _______________

a.All salaried persons

b. government undertakings

c. all entrepreneurs

d. all students

e. all housewives

14.Leads for tractor loans can be availed from_______________

a. farm laborers

b. Authorized dealers of tractors and farm equipment’s

c. Bullock cart owners

d. Marginal land owners

e. RTA Officers

15. Customization result in ________________

a. Customer exodus

b. Customer retention

c. Customer complaints

d. Training of staff

e. varying the interest rates

16.Find the correct sentence__________

a.Higher the price, higher are the sales

b.More number of sales pesons leads to more sales

c. mission statement is part of market plan

d. better sales incentives means better performance

e. all customers  are profitable customers

17. Banc assurance can be sold to ____________

a.all banks

b. all insurance companies

c. insurance agents

d. all existing and prospective bank customers

e. stock brokers

18. The target group for bulk deposits is _____________

a. salaried persons

b. small traders

c. corporate MNCs

d. Housewives

e. Minor children

19. Debit cards can be best sold to_____________

a. Existing customers

b. school children’s

c. trusts

d. waqf board

e .Educations institutes

20.A low EMI indicates___________

a. high loan burden

b. long repayment period

c. cheap loans

d. costly loans

e. very short repayment period
















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