Latest SBI Education Loan Interest rate in 2012

SBI Slashes Interest Rates by 1 percent in 2012-Get Latest SBI Education Loan Interest Rate 2012

State bank of India Education loan helps students to achieve their dreams by studying in India or Abroad.It’s a good news for Students who are going to take education loan from SBI that the Interest rates slashed by 1 percent.SBI Education loan for Education in India and Study abroad and it’s Interest rates as given clearly in table form.

From March 2012 on words this new interest rates will be follow for loan.This is great impact on interest rate for amount of 4 lakhs to 7.5 lakhs,1 percent of interest rate benefited.Most of the students prefer the loan range between 4 to 7.5 lakhs,for them it’s a really good news to get lowest interest rate for SBI Education loan in India.

Loan Amount(in Lakhs) Previous Interest rate Latest Interest rate(2012)
4 lakhs 13.75% per yaer 13.50% per year
4-7.5 lakhs 14.25% per year 13.25% per year
More than 7.5 lakhs 12% per year 11.75% per year

Highlights of SBI Education Loan Interest rate 2012

Reasonable reduced of 0.25% Interest rate benefits for loan amount of 4 lakhs

Sharp Reduces of 1 percent interest loan decreased for education loan amount of 4-7.5 Lakhs

Again 0.25% interest rate reduced for loan amount of more than 7.5 Lakhs

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