Computer Knowledge Quiz 48

1. if processor has a word size of 32bits, compared to a processor with a word size of 16 bits, it can process __________________ at a time 

2. the most common storage device for the personal computer is the ________________  

3. Which device uses a handled¬† operating g system?  

4. Numbers and formulae entered in a cell are called________________  

5. What is software?  

6. Thick, rigid metal platters that are capable of storing and retrieving information at a high rate of speed are known as ________________  

7. what is windows explorer? 

8. ______________ is the most popular internet activity  

9. Computers process binary numbers, which are composed of __________________ 

10. a DVD is an example of a ________________  


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  2. very simple and straight forward questions, very helpful for the basics level

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