IBPS Specialist Officer Sample Question Papers

IBPS Specialist Officer Sample question papers and answers

After completing the 2 common written exams successfully, ibps decided to conduct common written exam for ibps specialist officer. There are totally 9 types of vacancies in the category of specialist officer.Aptitude9.com provided sample/model questions papers for ibps po and clerk exams previously. Now this is the time to release model paper for ibps specialist officer common written exam.

sample question paper for ibps specialist officer exam-questions and answers

Directions: 1-5

Study the following information carefully and answer the questions below

A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in a straight line (not necessarily in the same order) facing North

a)      D  sits at the extreme left hand corner of the line

b)      Only 3 persons sits between D and B

c)      B sits second to right of F

d)      A is not an immediate neighbor of B

e)       E does not sit at the extreme end of the line


1. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their seating positions in the above arrangement and so form a group. Which is one that does not belong to that group?

a)      FB

b)      EC

c)      AE

d)     AD

e)      DF

2. Which sits in the extreme right hand corner of the line?

a)      A

b)     C

c)      D

d)      F

e)      None of these

3. If all the persons are made to sit in alphabetical order from right to left, the positions of how many will remain unchanged as compared to the original seating positions?

a)      None

b)     One

c)      Two

d)      Three

e)      Four

4. What is the Position of F with respective to D?

a)      Third to the left

b)      Second to the left

c)      Immediately to the right

d)      Third to the right

e)      Second to the right

5. How many person sit between A and B?

a)      None

b)      One

c)      Two

d)     Three

e)      Four

6. RBI has decided to release a rs 5 coin to mark 1000 years of which temple recently?

(1) Vaishno Devi Temple

(2) Kashi Vishwanath Temple

(3) Sabarimalai Temple

(4) Brihadeeswara Temple

(5) None of the above


7. The central banking functions in India are performed by the

(1)  Central bank of India

(2)  Reserve bank of India

(3)  State bank of India

(4)  Punjab national bank


8. Which of the following is /are the primary issuers of secretaries?

(1) The central government

(2) Local government

(3) Corporations

(4) The central and local governments and corporations

(5) Local governments and corporations


9. Capital market instrument ha

(1) Liquidity

(2) Marketability

(3) Long Maturity

(4) Liquidity premium

(5) All the above

10. Which of the following is NOT a capital market instrument?

(1) A treasury bill

(2) A negotiable certificate

(3) Commercial paper

(4) Call money

(5) None of the above


11. Which of the following can issue T bills?

(1) Commercial banks

(2) The government 

(3) Corporations

(4) Agencies of the state governments

(5) None of the above


12. Which of the following can issue a commercial paper?

(1) The reserve bank of India

(2)  Commercial banks

(3)  Large and well-known companies

(4)  National stock exchange

(5) State and local governments


13. Which of the following statements is NOT correct regarding a corporate bond?

(1) A corporate callable bond gives the holder the right to exchange it for a specified number of the company’s common shares

(2) A corporate debenture is a secured bond

(3) A corporate indenture is a secured bond

(4) Holders of corporate bonds have voting rights in the company

(5) All the above


14. Which is one of the following is NOT a money market instrument?

(1) A treasury bill

(2) A negotiable certificate of deposit

(3) Commercial papers

(4) Treasury bond

(5) Repo


15. Money lend for 15 days more in inter-bank market is called

(1) Call money

(2) Notice money

(3) Term money

(4) All the above

(5) None of the above



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