IBPS Specialist officer Professional Knowledge Sample Paper

IBPS Specialist officer Professional Knowledge Sample Papers and Answers-

Candidates,who applied for IBPS Specialist officer exam 2012,started preparation for Exam,which will conduct on 11 th march, 2012. Professional knowledge section plays major role in this exam.Here we are listing you 10 professional sample questions with answers for practice.This paper consist of 10 objective professional knowledge model questions and the brighter option is the answer for respective question.

IBPS Professional Knowledge Model Questions for IBPS Specialist officer exam

1. EMI can be marketing tool when________________

a. EMI is very low

b. EMI is very high

c. EMI is fluctuating

d. EMI is constant

e. EMI is ballooning

2. Advertisements are necessary for ______________

a. only old products

b. launching new products

c. only costly products

d. only obsolete products

e. advertisements are wasteful expenses

3. Publicity is required for ____________________

a. Generating more number of leads

b. better training of sales persons

c. market survey

d. Product designing

e. OTC Marketing

4. NAV is the price of __________________

a. Entire fund value

b. one unit of a fund

c. surrender value

d. average value of shares

e. dividends paid in a year

5.A Master policy in the case of Life insurance indicates___________________

a. policy is sale

b. policy is in the name of servant

c. only one life is assured

d. there are several beneficiaries

e. life assured should be a male

6. Customer database is useful for ________

a. advertisements

b. word-of-mouth publicity

c. CRM Functions

d. PR functions

e. Sales persons training

7. CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is ______________

a. A pre-sales activity

b. A tool for lead generation

c. an ongoing daily activity

d. the task of a DSA

e. back office duty

8. Find the incorrect answer_________________

a. cross-selling is an expensive way of marketing

b. market segmentation can boost lead generations

c. customer lifetime value is a marketing tool

d. surrogate marketing is  a type of viral marketing

e. internet banking can replace ATMs

9. Financial inclusion needs canvassing the accounts of ______________

a. Financial Institutions

b. NRIs


d. Housewives

e. Persons below a specified income level

10. Effective retail banking presupposes____________

a. Large Premises

b. Huge kiosks

c. big sales force

d. coordination between marketing and front  office staff

e. More products














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