IBPS Specialist Officer Model Papers

Model papers: IBPS Specialist officer Model Question papers With Answers

IBPS Specialist officer exam, conducting first time in India.Aptitude9.com provided model question papers with answers for   IBPS Clerk and Po exams. Now this is the time to provide Model question papers for IBPS Specialist exam. We know that the competition increasing rapidly for IBPS Exams .Also the term IBPS Listed one of the fastest rising search in Google India. We are Expecting that The Question paper will be more logical and critical for IBPS Specialist officer exam ,Because of this exam is specially for graduate students so the standard of knowledge more for Graduates. Candidates need to prepare in depth of every section. Here we are providing you sample questions with answers for IBPS Specialist officer exam. You can practice these problems and have it. In this Model questions, brighter/bold option is the right answer.

IBPS Model Question papers with Answers

Directions 1-5: Study the information below and answer the given questions

In a certain code “cast a spell” is coded as “214” , “bad to cast”  is coded as “352” , and “ to a person” is coded as “516”.


1. What is the code for “a”?

a)      5

b)     1

c)      2

d)      3

e)      None of these

2. What does “5” present?

a)      Person

b)      Cast

c)      Bad

d)     To

e)      none of these

3. What will be code for “to cast a spell”?

a)      5214

b)      3214

c)      1254

d)      5142

e)      None of these

4. How will “bad spell” be coded?

a)      12

b)     34

c)      24

d)      63

e)      None of these

5. What will “bad person” be coded?

a)      23

b)      13

c)      63

d)      21

e)      None of these

6. Which of the following has the same relationship as sailor: compass?

a)      Student: Exam

b)     Doctor: Stethoscope

c)      Pen: Officer

d)      Painter: Artist

e)      Bricks: Plumber

7. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

a)      Earrings

b)     Diamonds

c)      Anklet

d)      Bangles

e)      Necklace

8. Pointing to a lady, Uma said, she is the mother in law of the mother of my brothers son. How is the lady related to Uma’s brother?

a)      Mother

b)      Wife

c)      Mother in law

d)      Cannot be determined

e)      None of these

9. How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters NWTI using each letter only once in each word?

a)      One

b)      Two

c)      None

d)      Three

e)      More than three


Directions (10-14): Study carefully information given below and answers the questions that follow

A, C, F, Q, R, S and W are sitting in a straight line facing north but not necessarily in the same order. R is to immediate left of W.F is the fifth to the left of A and to immediate right of C.Q is the third to the right of C.W is a not a neighbor of Q.

10. Who is the second to the right of S?

a)      R

b)      A

c)      F

d)      C

e)      None of these

11. Who is the sitting to the immediate right of W?

a)      C

b)      S

c)      R

d)     A

e)      None of these

12. Who is sitting exactly between S and R?

a)      w

b)     q

c)      c

d)      f

e)      none of these

13. In which of the following pairs of people, is the first person is sitting to immediate right of the second person?

a)      QS

b)      RW

c)      FS

d)      CF

e)      None of these

14. Who is sitting second to the left of R?

a)      A

b)     S

c)      F

d)      Q

e)      None of these

15. In a certain code ADVENTURE is coded as DAEVNUTER and TELEPHONE is coded as ETELPOHEN. How will SIGNALLING be coded in the same code?












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  2. This was damn easy ,,try to post some difficult ones


    give all technical question detail of Specialist officer.

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