IBPS Rajbhasha Adhikari Model Papers

IBPS Rajbhasha  Adhikari  Model question papers

IBPS Rajbhasha   adhikari is demanding job in 19 public sector banks and also in private sector banks too. North Indians shows more interest and it’s a very easy job for them. Because of they basically talk in Hindi and education also run in this language. Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra, west Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan candidates will apply more for Rajbhasha  adhikari job. When you come across south India, fewer candidates shows interest and, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore students chance to show interest to apply. At last the competition more in North-side., Model questions really helps much to students to get the minimum idea on the type questions will come to exam. Then they can plan to prepare as per question papers.so aptitude9.com decided to list some model questions for ibps rajbhasha adhikari.

IBPS Rajbhasha adhikari model question paper with answers

1. With regard to the monitory policy 2011-12, which of the following is/are NOT correct?

(I) RBI increased the repo rate under the liquidity adjustments policy (LAF) by 50 basis points from 6.75% to 7.25% with immediate effect

(II) The marginal standing facility (MSF) rate. Determined with a spread of 100 basis points above the repo rate, stands calibrated at 8.75%

(III) The bank rate has been retained at 5.0%

(IV) Reserve bank of India (RBI) in May 2011, decided to accept the broad frame work of regulation recommended by the malegam committee report on micro finance institutions (MFI s)

Select the correct answer

(1) III and IV

(2) I and IV

(3) II and III 

(4) I and III

(5) I, II and III


2. The reserve bank of India on 26th April 2011 fined 19 banks, including the country’s top private and foreign banks for violating its guidelines on derivatives. Which is the only public sector bank on the list of banks to be fined?

(1) State bank of India   

(2) Punjab national bank

(3) Bank of India

(4) Indian bank

(5) Central bank of India


3. The reserve bank of India in April 2011 formed a conglomerate cell within its supervisory setup to keep a constant vigil on 12 range domestic and foreign banks. Which one of these will not come under the prescribed supervisory vigil?

(1) State bank of India

(2) Bank of India

(3) Bank of Baroda

(4) Canara bank

(5) Punjab national bank



4. RBI’S open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate?

(1) Liquidity in the economy

(2) Prices of essential commodities

(3) Infatuation

(4) Borrowing power of the banks

(5) All the above


5. Which of the following institutions in India is the capital market regulator?

(1) RBI

(2) IRDA

(3) NSE

(4) BSE

(5) SEBI


6. Which of the following is the slogan of bank of Baroda?

(1) International bank of India

(2) India‘s international bank  

(3) India‘s multinational bank

(4) World’s local bank

(5) None of the above


7. Which of the following was NOT proposed in the union budget 2011-12 presented by pranab mukherjee?

(1) Special vehicles were proposed to be created in the form of infrastructure debt fund to attract foreign fund

(2) Rs, 300 corers expenditure was proposed to promote horticulture centres in rain fed areas for increasing for crop productivity

(3) For the manufacturing sector, the budget proposed reduction of basics custom duty on raw silk from 30 to 5%

(4) Concessional 10% excise duty was also proposed for fuel cell or hydrogen cell technology based vehicles

(A) 1 and 3

(b) Only 2

(c) Only 4

(d) 3 and 4

(e) 1 and 4


8. Headquarters reserve bank of India is in?

(1) New Delhi

(2) Mumbai 

(3) Kolkata

(4) Chennai

(5) Hyderabad


9. The national housing bank (NHB) is wholly owned by

(1) SBI

(2) RBI 

(3) ICICI bank


(5) None of these


10. At present Dr D. subba rao is the

(1) Governor of Orissa

(2) Deputy Chairman of planning commission

(3) Chairman of the FICCI

(4) India’s representative in IMF

(5) None of the above





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