IBPS PO Cut Off Marks 2012

What is the Cut Off Score for IBPS PO Exam 2012?

IBPS Conducted First Common Written Exam for Probationary Officer Recruitment in various of 19 banks.About 10 Percent candidates,that is 1.11 lakh of candidates passed the IBPS PO Exam 2011.But,the Question is IBPS really blaming to candidates.Some candidates got the Nice marks/score in IBPS po exam,but due to Below 50% of marks in graduation,they are not eligible and some other banks,mentioning the cut off scores to recruit as PO,here the candidates,who scored much,only they are able to getting the jobs.

Here let’s have an Discussion on IBPS PO Cut off Marks/Score 2012

In previous Exam,Candidates,who scored 115 Marks and more,with cut off marks in section,for them IBPS Issued Score cards by declaring that these candidates are eligible for Bank jobs as Probationary Officers.But while conducting the Exam,IBPS did not mentioned marks required in graduation must be above 50% or 60%.They simply issued notification for Common written exam,by clearly saying,Graduation(Just pass )candidates are eligible for IBPS PO Jobs.you can read the full story/Article here

Our Some of Regular Users or Fans of Aptitude9.com,commented on IBPS PO Exam score card and Problems,which they are facing.you Just rad them.If you wanna read more comments and experiences of IBPS PO Qualified candidates?,then click here,to check the all comments,at the end of the post


Ashish Says

A graduate Pass can become a IAS Officer but cannot become a banker ,What a fun…………..
Most of the bank has given a eligibility condition of Marks in graduation after the completing the written exam
Procedure of IBPS ,Then What is the meaning of ibps eligibility condition of education This is really a big joke
with a meritorious student who has good scored in IBPS exam but cannot eligible due to less marks in
their graduation ……………………………..

Pradeep Says:

hello dudes, i got 115 marks in ibps po exam, i was first shocked n den excited for getting qualified for in written exam, but in recent days i came to know dis is not decent score so m poorly worrying about my chances of getting job.i might be in top in list of candidates who’s deadly need dis job n much crucial……m obc category candidate n secured 62% in graduation

Kanushka says:

The IBPS will use Linear Conversion Method to convert the score of each candidate (after factoring with negative marks, if any) into a standardized score. Each candidate will have to cross a minimum standardized score to be eligible for participation in the recruitment process of any banks – to be eligible to get a score card. The formula for Cut Off will be as follows.

Average – ¼ standard deviation for General Category

Average – ¾ standard deviation for Reserved Category

I want to know that when the bank notify their vacancies, is they set different cut off again for different categories………as the scores are already calculated on the basis of category

Ram says

Dear friend’s plz read it and pass

IBPS new recruitment strategy is simply playing with the career, patience, time and money of struggling students. IBPS has selected 1.10 lakhs of students through the common entrance exam of 19 public sector banks. These 19 banks are giving recruitment notification with their desired cut off score in IBPS in a random order. Now suppose if a bank specifies a cut off of 140 marks then all students with a score of 140 marks will be prompted to apply for the recruitment but banks will shortlist the upper scorer candidates among all who have applied, and there are nil chances for the students with 140 marks or nearby to be selected. Every bank is doing same thing i.e setting a cut off score and selecting the high score candidates, lower the cut off of a bank, higher will be the number of candidates applying, but bank will be selecting only the top list candidates and the bank will be making more profit via the large number of Demand Drafts. Its good that more deserving candidates are shortlisted for interview but what is more ironical is that through this process a range of high scoring candidates will be applying for all recruitment notifications unless he got the final result of a bank .Only high score candidates will be shortlisted by a number of banks and chances are there that they will be selected in multiple banks but obviously finally they will be joining one bank and wasting all other seats in other banks which could have been offered to some other student. Now if we look at the figures there will be on average 900 vacancies per bank, this implies a total of 19000 vacancies in 19 banks. If approx. 4500 students are called by a bank for 900 posts, then many of these 4500 might be shortlisted for other banks too, with this overlapping only upper 20000 students will be called in multiple banks ….. 19000 seats then what for 1.10 lakh-19000 = 90000 students, they will only be wasting Rs 200 x 19 = 3800/-(per student) and a profit of 3800×9000=342000000(34crores) to IBPS……students will be simply tortured…..what was the need of selecting 1.10 lakhs of the students as every student will be applying for the bank in which his cut off is cleared, they are merely doing business out of this recruitment…………

Mahesh yadav says:

(comes In obc)I got 172 total score in cwe po and i hv 65% in B.A
But in descriptive paper i got only 20 no. And cut off is 21 so i got fail and i think that there is mistake in checking my descriptive paper so for that what should i do
Can i apply for rechecking descriptive paper?

Pranav Says

Friends keep patience, as bank will start selecting candidates the cut off of upcoming bank will fall, so people below the toppers will get chance to face interview, also number is very small against total vacancy, so keep patience

hey even i secured 150 …62% in grad….i heard sum banks require this “diploma frm indian institute of banking and insurance”…and a certificate in computer awareness…nw my 1st questn is if i had this diploma…why wud i have gvn dis entrance test….and questn 2. i had computers throughout  my education …m bachelors in management science…..why wud i need sum institute 4 computers ???????

the clauses mentioned 4 the interviews in every bank are very lousy…..being a general it seems next to impossible to get thru…

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  1. pramod reddy :

    why this differencein cutoff marks b/w sc,st,nd oc?????????
    is it needed????? so no need of talent in india????/

    • It’s a Govt of India rule to give reservation in Education and Jobs for SC/ST/OBC Candidates.I Agree with your point,at the same time,it’s not possible to cancel reservations in India.Now a Days,actually the demand of cancel reservations increasing.have to see what’s happen in future for Talent peoples in India.

    IN CLERICAL EXAM Minimum Standard Score required for Qualifying for
    OBC. is 105 and i scored 149 can i finally get a post


  3. What is the use of an IBPS Score card if u dont get a job even after clearing it. Does this mean the low scoring candidates are inelligible for any bank job. Are bank jobs so tough that the low scoring candidates will not be able to do the job. After applying to banks after getting selected in IPBS exam there is no guarantee that u will be even called for an interviev so whats the use of getting selected. On the other hand as i see it all the participating banks will have a good share of fund automatically getting accounted in their banks. It is a good way of creating a reserve for money. If some institutions are not getting any idea about how to create a free fund without much difficulty and legally; make use of the population of indian students aspiring for jobs, Its free money raining from the indian pop. The earlier process was better , u clear and u get called , at least for an interview. this is somewhat satisfying.

  4. Dear sir
    Can you please tell me what is the qualify marks of ibps po 2012 for scheduled caste.
    Please reply me.

    • It’s totally depends on number of candidates qualified in each section and question paper.Approximately,You have to get at least 21 marks in each section to get calls from banks.

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