IBPS IT Officer Question Papers with Answers

IBPS IT Officer Question papers with answers

IBPS Released Notification for Specialist officer’s Common written exam (CWE) Recruitment 2012.IBPS IT Officer exam will conduct on Sunday 11th of March, 2012.The Question paper for Ibps IT Officer scale-1 and scale-2 is same. The exam pattern and Model Question papers for Agriculture field officer, IBPS IT Officer, IBPS HR/Personnel Officer, IBPS Technical officer are listed below. Here you can have the Sample question paper with answers.


IBPS IT Officer Question papers and Answers


  1. A man crosses a stationary train in 5 minutes. The same train crosses a pole in 48 seconds.      What is the ratio between the speed of the man and speed of the train respectively?

a)      3:25

b)      4:25

c)      25:3

d)     Cannot be determined

e)      None of these

  1. In a quadrilateral PQRS, angle Q is twice the angle P. Angle R is thrice the angle P. The value of angle R is 150 degrees. What is the difference between angle Q and angle S?

a)      30 degrees

b)      60 degrees

c)      40 degrees

d)      50 degrees

e)      None of these

  1. Smith drinks 905 ml of water every day. How many liters of water will he consume in 15 days?

a)      13.655 liters

b)      17.575 liters

c)      13.575 liters

d)      15.745 liters

e)      None of these

  1. The sum of four consecutive even numbers is 156.what is the value of thrice that largest even number?

a)      124

b)      128

c)      136

d)      134

e)      None of these

  1. Train fare between Hyderabad and Chennai for one adult is three times their train fare for one child. If adults train fare is Rs.102, how much amount will be paid by 3 adults and 4 children together for travelling the same distance?

a)      Rs.432

b)      Rs.532

c)      Rs.612

d)     Rs.442

e)      None of these

6.IF all the digits in each of the numbers are arranged in descending order with in the number, which of the following will form the lowest in the new arrangements of numbers?

a)      753

b)      481

c)      647

d)      298

e)      374

7.If all the numbers are arranged in ascending order from left to right, which of the will be the sum of all three digits of the number which is exactly in the middle of the new arrangement?

a)      17

b)      15

c)      14

d)     13

e)      19

8. What will be the resultant if third digit of the lowest number is multiplied with the second digit of the highest number?

a)      27

b)     40

c)      20

d)      45

e)      19

9. If the positions of the second and third digit of each of the numbers are interchanged how many even numbers will be formed?

a)      None

b)      One

c)      Two

d)      Three

e)      Four

10. If two is added to the first digit of each of the numbers, how many numbers thus formed will be divisible by three?

a)      None

b)      One

c)      Two

d)      Three

e)      Four







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