IBPS IT Officer Sample Question Papers

IBPS IT Officer Model Question Paper-Sample Question papers for ibps it officer exam

IBPS IT Officer is much valuable and demanding job in banks. Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology (B.E/B.Tech) candidates are the competitors and also the applications will be more for this job. Normally after completing the B.E, Students search for software/hardware jobs. Now everyone turning into safe side like government jobs, bank jobs etc. For this kind of student, IBPS IT Officer Job will give the bright life along with decent salary. When you come across the pattern of ibps it officer exam and question paper, it has 200 questions for 200 marks. The 4 sections, all are well known but level of difficulty in questions more than what you expected. Here we are providing you IBPS IT Officer Model question paper along with answers. Don’t forget that, Candidates have to prepare seriously with perfect planning.

IBPS IT Officer Model Question paper with Answers

Directions 1-5: Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions below.



1. How many such constants are there in the above arrangement each of which is preceded by a towel and also immediately followed by a vowel?

a)      None

b)      Three

c)      Four

d)     Five

e)      More than five

2. How many meaningful words can be formed with the alphabets which are second, fourth and seventh from the right end of the above arrangement?

a)      None

b)      One

c)      Two

d)      Three

e)      More than three

3. How many such pairs are alphabets are there in the series of alphabets given in BOLD in the above arrangement each of the which has many letters between them (in both forward and backward directions) as they have between them in the English alphabetical series?

a)      None

b)      One

c)      Two

d)      Three

e)      More than three

4. If all the as are dropped from the above arrangement, which of the following will be tenth from the left and of the above arrangement?

a)      D

b)      U

c)      B

d)      E

e)      None of these

5. Which of the following is the fifth to the left of the seven tenth from the left end to the above arrangement?

a)      E

b)     U

c)      B

d)      C

e)      A


6. The radius of a circle is 1 cm less than half the side of a square whose area is 256sq.cms? What is the area of the circle?

a)      132 sq.cms

b)     154 sq.cms

c)      144 sq.cms

d)      165 sq.cms

e)      None of these

7. Donald sold an item for Rs.6000at a loss of 25%. At what cost would he have purchased that item?

a)      Rs.7,500

b)      Rs.7,200

c)      Rs.8,000

d)     Rs.8,500

e)      None of these

8. A number when multiplied by a five times of itself gives the value equal to 720. What is the number?

a)      13

b)      9

c)      15

d)      8

e)      12

9. The postal charges for booking a parcel of 250 gms are Rs.75. what will be the postal charges for booking a parcel of rs.1.8 kilograms?

a)      Rs.600

b)     Rs.540

c)      Rs.500

d)      Rs.560

e)      None of these

10. What is the smallest number which when divided by 8,12 and 14 gives the remainder 6?

a)      174

b)      168

c)      162

d)      154

e)      None of these

11. The ratio between the present ages of a man and his wife is 4:3 respectively. Also, the man is 8 years older than his wife. What is the present age of their daughter who is one-eight the present age of her mother?

a)      6 years

b)     3 years

c)      12 years

d)      9 years

e)      None of these

12. Last year there were 720 tigers in a wild life sanctuary. The number increased by 15 percent this year. How many tigers remain this year in the wild life sanctuary?

a)      728

b)      816

c)      828

d)      821

e)      None of these

13. If Rs.4,601 were distributed equally among 37 people, Rs.13 was left out. How much did each person get?

a)      Rs. 136

b)      Rs.144

c)      Rs.128

d)     Rs.124

e)      e)None of these



  1. Deepak Sharma :

    Please mind the 7th question and its answer at the page http://aptitude9.com/ibps-it-officer-sample-question-papers/..!!!
    its bullshit man, wht u r doing?? answer would be 8000 nt 8500.. mind it.. its a major mistake..

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