General awareness with reference to banking industry questions 2011

General awareness with reference to banking industry questions 2011-Free download

Here we are providing you general awareness questions with answers related to banking industry.These questions are very useful for IBPS PO and clerical exams,you can also take online tests on banking related questions in this blog.

1. R.B.I. has introduced a new series of ‘Star’ bank note. And that will be issued in denominations of?
Ans: Rs. 10, Rs. 20, Rs. 50
2. From which organisation RBI has bought 200 tonnes of gold?
Ans: International Monitory Fund
3. In India which is the biggest commercial bank in public sector?
Ans: State bank of India
4. Differential rate of interest scheme was introduced in which year?
Ans: 1972
5. From which date banks were allowed free to fix base rates by RBI?
Ans: April 1, 2011
6. Foreign Direct Investment limit in private sector banks is?
Ans: 74 percent
7. Chairman of the parliamentary committee on agricultural finance and credit flow?
Ans: N. Janardhan Reddy
8. First chairman of the private sector banks association is?
Ans: P.N. Joshi
9. RBI introduced Banking Ombudsman scheme in which year?
Ans: 1995
10. The proportion of Non-Banking financial companies assets in the total assets of the financial system?
Ans: 11 percent
11. Under which Act Local area banks can be established by private promoters?
Ans: Company Act – 1956
12. The RBI (Amendment) Bill 2005 related to?
Ans: Provide operational flexibility to central bank to fix SLR and CRR for different banks
13. Who is the chairman of the working group constituted by RBI to provide suggestions on regulating loans to organised sector?
Ans: S.C. Gupta
14. Monetary policy is a policy adopted by?
Ans: Reserve Bank of India
15. At the liquidity trap which will be very low?
Ans: The rate of interest
16. Interest rate policy is a part of which policy?
Ans: Monetary policy
17. Which is not an instrument of monetary policy?
Ans: Import duty
18. Financial market department was set up in RBI in?
Ans: July, 2005
19. Dena bank was established in?
Ans: July 19, 1969
20. With which bank on September 4, 1993, new bank of India was merged?
Ans: Punjab National Bank


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