General Awareness 2012 Test

1.How much FDI is permitted in renewable energy generation and distribution project in India?  

2. which of the following is one of two sub-schemes under the  rashtriya krishi vikas  yojana (RKVY) launched in union budget 2011-12?    

3. According to world health statics 2011 published by WHO , the public and  private expenditure  on health as percentage of gross domestic product in india is _____________ and __________respectively, in 2008?  

4.  which of the following statements about rasthriya  krishi vikas(RKVY )  is /are correct? 1 .RKVY was started to achieve the growth target of 4 percent per annum in agriculture and  allied sectors 2. RKVY was started in 2007 3. rs. 6700 crore was released under RKVY in 2010-11  

5. which of the following statements is/are correct about  the decision taken by labour ministry on the future of inoperative employee provident fund(EPF) accounts?        

6. DBRS is a well-known for expertise in which sector of financial services?    

7. Which of the following consulting  firms has been  commissioned to chart out a roadmap for  promoting electric  vehicles  in under the  national electric mobility mission as part of joint  initiative by the department of heavy industry and the society of Indian automobile manufacturers(SIAM)?    

8.  how much was india’s outbound foreign direct investment in 2010-11 as per RBI data released in june 2011?  

9. which of the following was  imposed a penalty of rs 55.5 crore for abusing its dominant position in the currency derivative(CD) market in june 2011?    

10. use of which of the following  software’s in reporting  financial results  for companies was made compulsory  by the government recently    


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