Expected Chapter Wise Weightage in Maths for Eamcet 2012

Chapter Wise Weightage in Maths for EAMCET 2012

What is the Expected Chapter wise Weightage for Eamcet 2012 in Mathematics Section?,this question often raised from Candidates,who are going to take Eamcet 2012. Here we wre providing you list of topic /chapter wise expected marks in maths for Eamcet Engineering exam 2012.This weight age prepared by professionals,and Candidates have to prepare according to Eamcet syllabus 2012 for Engineering.

In Eamcet Exam 2012,Expecting more number of questions from Vector algebra, Trigonometry,Probability and Circles.From the Last 3 years these 3 chapters are played the major role in Eamcet Question papers of 2009,2010 and 2011.you can have the complete syllabus in Maths for Eamcet 2012 along with expected number of questions in each chapter.

Chapters,Which have More Weightage in Maths for Eamcet 2012 (Expected only)

1.Circles and System of Circles-6 to 7 questions

2.Vector Algebra-6 questions

3.Probability-5 to 6 questions

4.Matrices-4 questions

5.Derivatives-4 questions

6. Trigonometry up to Transformation-4 questions


8.Complex Numbers-3 Questions

9.Quadratic Equations-3 questions

10.Permutation and Combination-3 questions

11.Straight Lines-3 Questions

12.Pairs of Straight Lines-3 questions

13. In define Integration-3 questions

14.Applications of Derivatives-3 questions

15.Numerical Integration-2 questions

16.Differential Equations-2 questions

17.Limits and Continuity-2 questions

18.Parabola-2 questions

19.Binomial Theorem-2 questions

20. Properties of Triangles-2 questions

There are around 35 chapters are there in Maths for Eamcet 2012 exam,in other 15 chapters,1 question from each topic will come.The above listed topics are important in Mathematics and expecting this pattern given you clear idea.




  1. how can i get correct weightage in eamcet
    i.e maths 1&2nd year
    phy1&2nd year

    chem 1&2nd year

  2. is there need to read all chapters or else we can leave any chapters in this short time

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