CMAT Question Papers With Answers

CMAT Question Papers With Answers

Online Common Management Admission Test Consist of 100 Questions,to cover

1.Quant and Data interpretation

2.Logical Reasoning

3.Language Comprehensive and

4.General awareness

in 3 hours,Here we are providing you Some model question paper with answers,you can download it,and practice.

1.A person normally spends 70% of his income. If his income increases by 15% and the expenditure decreases by 5% what is the percentage change in his savings?

a. 60%     

b. 18%

c. 24%

d. none

2.A reduction of 5% in the price of wheat lets a person to buy 2 kg more wheat for Rs. 200/-. Find the reduced price of wheat.

a. Rs. 5

b. Rs. 5.05

c. Rs. 6

d. none

3.In  20 lt solution of 60% milk if half the solution is replaced by milk the concentration is

a. no change

b. 80%

c. 40%

d. none

4.A trader buys apples at 9 for Rs. 11 and sells them at 11 for Rs. 9. Find his gain/loss %

a. 33% loss

b. 55% gain

c. 45% gain

d. 27% loss

5.In 14lt mixture ratio of water to alcohol is 3:4 and half of the liquid is replaced by liquid with water to alcohol ratio 4:3, then resultant ratio of water to alcohol is _

a. 2:3                     b. 5:2                           c. 1:1                           d. none

6.1, 1.414, 1.732, 2, ___

a. 4

b. 9

c. 3

d. 2.23


a. 321

b. 231

c. 221 

d. none

8.If Copy is called Cut, Cut is called Paste, Paste is called Recycle and Recycle is called Copy. What operation is done when Copy is called?

a. copy

b. cut

c. paste

d. recycle

(9-13) Eight persons E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are seated around a square table-two on each side.

(i)                 There are three lady members and they are not seated next to each other.

(ii)               J is between L and F.G, a lady is between I and F.

(iii)             H, a lady member, is second to the left of J.

(iv)             F, a male member is seated opposite E, a lady member.

  1. Who among the following is seated between E and H?


a. F

b. L

c. Cannot be determined

d. None

  1. How many persons are seated between K and F?


a. One

b. Two

c. Cannot be determined

d. None of these


  1. Who among the following are the three lady members?


a. E, G and J

b. E, H and G

c. Cannot be determined

d. None of these

  1. Who among the following is to the immediate left of F?


a. G

b. I

c. Cannot be determined

d. None of these

13. Which of the following is true about J?

a. J is male           

b. J is female

c. Sex of J not known

d. none


(14-18)Complete the following series:

14.  3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ……, 89.


a. 55

b. 50

c. 52

d. 49

15. 7, 5, 12, 3, 4, 8, 6, 14, ……


a. 30

b. 22   

c. 41

d. 19

16. 16, 22, 34, 58, 106, ……, 394.


a. 202

b. 197

c. 2069

d. 145

17. 2, 3, 5, 9, 17, 33, ……


a. 55

b. 35

c. 85

d. 65

18. 0, 3, 8, ……, 24, 35, 48.

a. 12

b. 18

c. 15   

d. 16

(19-23)Find the conclusion that logically follows the given statements:

19. All pigs are gigs. All pigs are migs.

a. All pigs are migs.

b. All migs are pigs.   

c.No conclusion.

d.None of these.

20.Some beaches are beautiful. Goa is beautiful.

a. Goa is beach.

b. Beach is Goa.

c. All beaches are Goa.

d. None of these

21. Kalidas is a great poet. Most of the great poets marry beautiful ladies.

a. Cant be determined

b. A beautiful girl marries kalidas.

c. Most beautiful girls marry kalidas.

d. None of these

22. No batsman played well. Some bowlers did not play well.

a. No batsman is a bowler.

b. No bowler is a batsman.

c. Some bowlers are not batsmen.

d. None of these

23. All virus are fungus. All bacteris are fungus.

a. All virus are bacteria.

b. All bacteria are virus.

c. All virus are not bacteris.

d. No conclusion

(24-25) Give your answers as per the following statements:

a Any one of the statements is alone sufficient but not the other

b Either of the statements alone is sufficient

c Both statements are required

d Both of them are insufficient

24. How many people are directors of both Company k and Company R?

I. There were 17 directors present at a joint meeting of the directors of Company K and Company R, and no directors were absent.

II. Company K has 12 directors and Company R has 8 directors………………….c

25. If x and y are positive, is x/y greater than 1?

I. xy > 1                      II. x – y > 0……………………………………………….a



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