Time and Distance Test 4

1. A man traveled form P to Q at a speed of 60 km/hr and return to P at a speed of 40 km/hr. find the average speed?

2. P and Q covered a certain distance at 9 km/hr and 10 km/hr respectively. If P took 32 min more to reach the destination find the distance covered?

3. A man misses a bus by 40 min if he travels at 30 km/hr. If he travels at 40km/hr, then also he misses the bus by 10 min. What is the minimum speed to catch the bus on time?

4. P and Q are running a circular track of 600 m in opposite direction at speeds of 15 m/sec and 10 m/sec respectively starting at the same time from the same point. In how much time will they meet for the first time anywhere on the track?

5. Trisha travels from P to Q by car and returns from Q to P by cycle in 7 hours. If she travels both the ways by car she saves 3 hours. What is the time taken by her to cover both the ways by cycle?

6. Supriya reaches her office 1 hour late traveling 40 km/hr. If she travels at 50 km/hr, she is late by 40 min. What is the distance she has to reach her office?

7. Saritha leaves from a certain point at 8.00 A.M. at a speed of 37.5 km/hr in the same direction as that of Saritha. At what time do they meet?

8. A bike run 300 m in 40 sec and another bike run it in 52 sec. In a 1950 m race, by how many meters does first bike beat the second one?

9. In a 5000 m race, B beats C by 500 m or 50 seconds. What is the time taken by B to complete a 54000 m race?

10. Venu covered 22.5 km in 3 hours 20 minutes. He covered 10 km/hr. At what speed did he cover the remaining distance?


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