Aptitude Questions and Answers Free download for Freshers

Aptitude questions and answers for freshers:
Here we are listing you 2 question papers on aptitude for freshers,each question paper have 25 questions and along with answers,in the first paper the level of difficulty of question will be medium,but in second paper it was tough,and also these questions are very useful for the students,who attempting the competitive exams like IBPS,BANKS,MAT,ICET, and MNC written test of various companies like TCS,WIPRO,IBM etc.Totally 50 questions are listed below,solve them,if you very well know aptitude then practice the 50 questions and finally check your answers
  1. Find the greatest number which divides 615 and 963, leaving the remainder 6 for each case.

a. 67                      b. 77                c. 87                d. 97

  1. M’s father is thrice as old as his daughter. After 12 years he will br twice the age of his daughter. His present age is

a. 36                      b. 39                c. 42                d. 45

  1. A tree broke at a point and its top touched the ground 5m away from its base. If  point of breakage is at height of 12 m from ground what was tree’s total height?

a. 18m                    b. 25m             c. 32m              d. 35m

  1. Find permutations of letters taken all at a time that can be formed out of ‘watch’.

a. 20                      b. 24                c. 120              d. 124

  1. The HCF of two numbers is 6 whose LCM is 36. If one of them is 12 the other is

a. 12                      b. 18                c. 224              d. 30

  1. The average of 7 numbers is 49. If 1 is added to first number, 2 to second number, 3 to third number and so on what is new average?

a. 52                      b. 53                c. 54                d. 55

  1. Lisa Lilly was the best runner in the eighth grade. She ran 100m in 40 s, 200m in 1 min and 10 s and 200 m over hurdles in one and a half min. How many more seconds it took her to run 200m over hurdles than it did to 200m dash?

a. 15s                     b. 18s               c. 20s               d. 30s

  1. A train 55m long crosses a bridge of 220m length in 10 s. How many seconds will it take to pass a man standing on the bridge?

a. 1                                    b. 1.25             c. 1.5               d. 2

  1. A’s share is Rs. 1000 more than B’s but A’s capital is invested for 8 months. If A’s share of the yearly profits is same as that of B what is A’s capital?

a. 1500                  b. 2000            c. 3000                        d. 4000

  1. In what ratio should one variety of oil at rs. 9.5 per liter be mixed with another variety at Rs. 10 per liter to gat a mixture worth Rs. 9.6 per liter?

a. 1:4                      b. 10:4             c. 4:1               d. 2:1

  1. A smallest number exists that can be expressed as sum of cubes of two different sets of numbers of which one set is 10,9. The other set is

a. 1,12                   b. 4,11             c. 2,12             d. 4,13

  1. The percentage change in the surface are of a cube when each side is doubled is

a. 25                      b. 50                c. 100              d. 300

  1. If 4 chickens are worth 3 ducks, 7 ducks worth 2 geese and 9 geese worth 7 fowls what is the price of a chicken if a fowl costs Rs. 150?

a. Rs. 75                b. Rs. 25         c. Rs. 50          d. Rs. 150

  1. An inspector drove 30 km west and 40 km south. From here, he drove 60 km east and 40 km north. At what distance is he from the starting point?

a. 30 km                b. 50 km          c. 60 km           d. 130 km

  1. If GODAVARI is coded as KSHEZEVM then what is the code forNARMADA?


(16-20) There are five persons A, B, C, D and E. One of them is a doctor, one is an engineer and another an executive. C and E are unmarried ladies and do not work. None of the ladies are engineers or doctors. There is a married couple in which D is the husband. B is neither an engineer nor an executive and is a male friend of A.

  1. Who is the doctor?

a. A            b. D     c. B      d. C

  1. Who is the executive?

a. B            b. A     c. D      d. C

  1. Who is the engineer?

a. D           b. A     c. B      d. C

  1. Who is the wife of D?

a. C            b. A     c. E      d. B

  1. The three ladies are

a. A, B and E         b. C, D and B       c. B, A and C           d. A, C and E


(21-24) A solid cube is painted on three pairs of its opposite faces with green, blue and black colors. It is then cut into 216 equal pieces.

21. How many pieces have no face painted?

a. 64                b. 27                c. 125              d. none

22. How many pieces have two faces painted with same colour?

a. 72                b. 48                c. none                        d. 96

23. How many pieces have one blue face?

a. 18                b. 36                c. 96                d. 72

24. How many pieces have three faces with different colors?

a. 8                  b. 12                c. 0                  d. none

25. All students in my class are intelligent. Sachin is not intelligent.

a. Sachin is not student of my class  b. Sachin is in my class

c. Some of my classmates are named Sachin                 d. none


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