Analytical Reasoning Questions with solutions

Analytical reasoning questions with answers:

IF LEARNING is written as MGDVSOUO then SURPRISE would be:

(a)     TWUTWOAL
(b)     TWUTWOZM
(c)     TWVUXPAN
(d)     TWUSVNZK

If SUNDAY is coded as XZCMTR then PAYMENT would be:

(a)     RPNDZOJ
(b)     QBZNFOU
(c)     SMDLXZO
(d)     TNEMYAP

If TAP is coded as SZO, then how is FREEZE coded?

(a)     EQDDYD
(b)     ESDFYF
(c)     GQFDYF
(d)     EQDFYG

In a certain code, FORGE is written as FPTJI.  How is CULPRIT written in that code?

(a)     CXOSULW
(b)     CVNSVNZ
(c)     CVMQSTU
(d)     CSJNPGR

If victory is coded as YLFWRUB, how can success be coded?

(a)     VXFFHVV
(b)     VXEEIVV
(c)     VYEFIVV
(d)     VYEEHVV

In a certain code SOCIAL is written as TQFMER, then how you will code DIMPLE?

(a)     EKPTQK
(b)     EKPQPJ
(c)     EKPSPJ
(d)     EKPSOH

In a certain code SOCIAL is written as TQFMER, then how you will code DIMPLE?

(a)     wtzyv
(b)     twxyz
(c)     tqwvm
(d)     mtuvw

If PAINTER is written in a code language as NCGPRGP, then REASON would be written as :

(a)     PCYQMN
(b)     PGYQMN
(c)     PGYUMP
(d)     PGYUPM

If CIGARETTE is coded as GICERAETT. Then DIRECTION will be coded as :


If DIAMOND is coded as VQYMKLV, how is FEMALE coded as:

(a)     UVNZOV
(b)     TUMYNU
(c)     TUMZOU
(d)     TVNYNV
If in a certain language, REMOTE is coded as ROTEME, which word would be coded as PNIICC?

(a)     PICCIN
(b)     PINCIC
(c)     PICNIC
(d)     PICINC

If in a certain code, COVET is written as FRYHW, which word would be written as SHDUO?

(a)     REPAY
(b)    PEARL
(c)     QUAKE
(d)     STINK

If PAINT is coded as 74128 and EXCEL is coded as 93596, then how would you encode ACCEPT?

(a)     547978
(b)     554978
(c)     735961
(d)     455978

If ENGLANDis written as 1234526 andFrance  is written as 785291, how isGREECEcoded?

(a)     832252
(b)     835545
(c)     381191
(d)     381171

If LINGER is 123456 and FORCE is 56789, then FIERCE is:

(a)     345667
(b)     345677
(c)     456678
(d)     556789

If SHARP is coded 58034 and PUSH as 4658, then RUSH is coded as :

(a)     3583
(b)     3685
(c)     3658
(d)     3568

If MASTER is coded as 411259, then POWDER will be coded as:

(a)     765459
(b)     765439
(c)     765549
(d)     765439

In certain code language 35796 is written as 44887. How is 46823 written in that code?

(a)     55934
(b)     55914
(c)     55714
(d)     57914

In a certain code language 24685 is written as 44887. How is 35791 written in that code?

(a)     44880
(b)     46682
(c)     44682
(d)     44826

If AT = 20, BAT = 40 then CAT will be equal to:

(a)     30
(b)     60
(c)     50
(d)     70

Answers for above problems:

1.     B
2.     C
3.     A
4.     C
5.     A
6.     A
8.     C
9.     A
10.       A
11.       B
12.       C
13.       B
14.       D
15.       C
16.       D
17.       C
18.       A
19.       B















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